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       1.    Form 1 list of electoral college

       2.     Form 6 list of Contesting Candidates 11th July 2017

       3.     Declaration of Results 16th July 2017

       4.     A.RSFI Executive & Sub Committees 2013-2017

               B.World Body_FIRS_Recogition

               C.Asian Body_CARS_Recognition

               E.Copy of Registration Certificate

               F.Constitution-Memorandum-Rules & Regulations_19.08.2014

               H.Name & Contact details of  President & Secretary of affiliated Units

               I.53rd National Report
               J.Calendar 2016-17

               K.Selection Committee 2016-2017

               L.Name & Contact details of Office bearers

               M.Name & Contact details  of Auditor

               N.53rd National Skaters Name list

               O.International Selection Trials 2015-16_Participants

               P.Selection Criteria for International Championships 2016-17

               Q.Annual Reort 2015-16

               R.International Skaters List 2016

               S. NADA-Anti Doping awareness campaign.